What Are the General Materials of Hardware?


Copper: one of the most widely used materials, with good mechanical properties, corrosion resistance and processing performance

Stainless steel: durable, the more used, the brighter. It has good strength, strong corrosion resistance and unchanged color

Zinc alloy: its strength and rust resistance are poor, and its advantage is that it is easy to make parts with complex patterns

Aluminum or aluminum alloy: ordinary aluminum alloy is soft and light, with low material strength, but easy to process and form

Plastics: easy to process, stable product size, good surface gloss, easy to paint and dye, and can also carry out secondary processing such as surface metal spraying, electroplating, welding, hot pressing and bonding

Ceramics: materials with the best rigidity and the highest hardness, most of which are above 1500HV. The compressive strength is high, but the tensile strength is low, the plasticity and toughness are poor, it is not easy to be oxidized, and it has good corrosion resistance to acid, alkali and salt

Baking varnish: the color is not as bright as metal, but it gives a relaxed and elegant feeling, and it is easier to clean without leaving any traces

Copper chrome plating: bright, soft and clean, comfortable to the touch, beautiful and tactile, good rust resistance, very durable, not easy to be oxidized

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