Bronze Investment Casting Parts
  • Bronze Investment Casting PartsBronze Investment Casting Parts
  • Bronze Investment Casting PartsBronze Investment Casting Parts
  • Bronze Investment Casting PartsBronze Investment Casting Parts
  • Bronze Investment Casting PartsBronze Investment Casting Parts
  • Bronze Investment Casting PartsBronze Investment Casting Parts

Bronze Investment Casting Parts

SHENGFA Hardware, based in Ningbo, Zhejiang, China, provides high quality precision investment casting services utilized in many different manufacturing and production industries. Our experienced team of precision investment casting is dedicated to providing our customers with the best precision investment casting and product fabrication services available. SHENGFA offers copper and bronze investment casting parts in a wide variety of alloys, including aluminum bronze and silicone bronze. Have been in this industry from 2007, we specialize in casting highly complex parts from 0 to 20 lbs. And we are also equipped to produce castings up to 100+ lbs according to customer’s demand.
We, at SHENGFA Hardware, manufacture bronze investment casting parts in grades such as Gun Metal 85/5/5/5, Aluminum Bronze AB1 and AB2, PCuSn7, 88/10/2, PB1, PB2, Nickel Silver grade C97600 etc.

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Product Description

Investment casting, generally applied for the development process of complex-shaped components or parts that need tighter, tolerances, thinner walls and better surface finish comparing to other investment process, is the most crucial process to make mold in a convenient method. Nowadays, investment casting parts are widely used in the the aerospace, medical fields, and military industry. Investment casting is used to create parts with superior dimensional accuracy, where finished forms are often produced without secondary machining. There is a lot more associated with the investment casting process.
At SHENGFA Hardware, we are well-aware of the increasing importance of bronze investment casting parts and copper investment casting parts. We follow a world-class process of international standards to ensure you will receive each of the piece with good quality. SHENGFA Hardware has an experience team of dedicated professionals easing entire process and providing you with complete peace of mind.

Investment Casting Process

Dating back thousands of years ago, investment casting has been one of the oldest manufacturing processes in human history. A ceramic mold is created by using a wax prototype of the finished product. After "investing" of surrounding the wax prototype with a ceramic slurry, the mold is put into an oven where the wax is melted, leaving a mold for the final product. Molten metal is then poured into the ceramic mold. Once it is cooled, the ceramic mold is broken open, revealing the cast product. This process allows for intricate geometric patterns.
Investment casting requires: a metal die, was, ceramic slurry, furnace, molten metal, and any machines needed for the finishing and polishing process. The process of investment casting includes:
☆Prototype creation
☆Mold creation
☆Casting removal


Keeping consistency is our secret to produce premium quality castings. With the use of our advanced manufacturing equipment and production planning tools, we control the all the production details like process parameters, input materials, pouring temperatures, heat treatment cycles, etc. for consistent quality and repeatability. With most strict process and quality control, we achieve high-quality castings without casting and porosity defects.


We are definitely not just another investment casting factory. Equipped with an in-house design team and advanced manufacturing technology, we are your reliable supplier of investment castings.
From concept to mass production, SHENGFA ensures that each brass, copper, or bronze investment casting parts meets all the specification of your design.

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