Rapid CNC Machining Service
  • Rapid CNC Machining ServiceRapid CNC Machining Service
  • Rapid CNC Machining ServiceRapid CNC Machining Service

Rapid CNC Machining Service

As a professional CNC machining China supplier, SHENGFA Hardware commits to housing the technology and the skill necessary to machine any part by providing our rapid CNC machining service. Some customers come to our company with their initial idea of the machinery parts they need, others come to us with the exact specifications. No matter what kind of CNC parts you need, we will provide the customized precision machining process you need. SHENGFA’s rapid CNC machining service ensures a quick process to drive your designs off the drawing board and into mass production. SHENGFA Hardware employs experts who know how to machine the part you need. Come to us with your concept, drawing, or instructions, then our experts will machine the prototype for you.

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Product Description

First: What Is CNC Machining?

The following is the introduction of CNC Machining and rapid CNC machining service,which can get better understanding of it.

CNC, as you may know well, stands for computer numerical control. CNC machining is a kind of manufacturing process that instructs the operation of equipment and tools through programmed computer. This manufacturing process can control various complicated machineries, such as CNC milling machine, CNC lathe, CNC laser machine, water jet machine, and electric discharge machine (EDM), to complete the three-dimensional cutting task. Because of this computer control, CNC machining is much faster, more precise and accurate than conventional machining.

SHENGFA hardware offers rapid CNC machining service by providing you rapid quotes, one-off prototypes, quick full mass production and timely delivery.

Second: How CNC Machining Works

After activating the CNC system, the product file will be programmed into the software and assigned to the corresponding tools and machinery. These tools and machinery will be performed the specified cutting tasks. The CNC machining process includes stages as below:

①Design CAD Model

②Convert CAD file to CNC program

③Prepare CNC machine and tools

④CNC Machining operations

Third: Advantages of SHENGFA Rapid CNC Machining Service

Fast and Repeatable: Quick removal of large amounts of metal material, CNC machined parts ready as fast as 1 day.

Scalable Volume: Our rapid CNC Machining service has scalable volumes for production of 1-100,000 parts.

Accuracy: High-precision tolerances ranging from +/-0.005″ – 0.01″, depending on customer specs.

Custom Surface Finishes: Suitable for many different kinds of substrates, make your parts just the same as real products.

Wide Range of Materials: Choose from over 50 metal and plastic materials.

Cost Saving: Low investment in tooling and preparation costs, economical for parts with simple structure.

You can feel free to order our products,we will try our best to fulfill your requirement.Because our factory is worth to believe in China.

Request a Rapid CNC machining service quote today.

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